Wouldn’t You Love to Know That ONE Missing Piece to Success?

So many people striving for success end up feeling muddled, unfulfilled or deflated. They’ve followed all the best advice, they might have worked harder than they’ve ever worked and – still – they’re really not getting to where they want to be.

They find themselves getting the same results. They still feel bored in their routine. They may even feel that they’ve given up parts of themselves to paint a cheery picture of success, but that picture feels more like a mirage in their actual lives.

They sense there’s a chunk missing, a vital puzzle piece that somehow slipped through the cracks. There has to be an easier way … but because they can’t put their finger on what that missing piece is, they just can’t find their way to it.

For years, I HAD that Missing Piece and didn’t even realize it. Now, I’m sharing it with you!

Oddly enough – and long before I became a coach and consultant on how to achieve personal success – I had that very puzzle piece in my possession. For years, I didn’t realize that it held its rightful place in a much bigger picture that could bring me every single thing I aspired to in my life.

A few years ago, I finally made the connection.
And as soon as I dropped that puzzle piece into the puzzle of my own life… EVERYthing changed!

Isn’t it about time you discovered that puzzle piece for yourself? I can show you how!

It’s time to STEP INTO YOUR POWER to create more SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM using your unique gifts and talents while making a BIGGER IMPACT in the world.

The Voice of Confidence TV – Interview With Elisa James

Watch my interview with Elisa James from The Voice of Confidence TV. We speak about the RTT Hypnotherapy,  the missing piece to success and achieving goals.

Pauline Rohdich Success Mentor, Coach
Best Mentor Ireland

Imagine feeling absolutely alive and on purpose every time you get out of bed in the morning. That’s empowerment! Empowerment isn’t about control, competition or proving yourself smarter than someone else – empowerment is, in fact, emancipation from all those old-school ways of thinking and being. You’re stepping into the power that is YOU!

When you choose to explore your own infinite greatness, you’re going to find that it’s actually an orderly process of Discovery, Integration, Implementation and Impact. Order must be in play for clarity to find its place. This is the foundation to every Pauline Rohdich teaching process.

Tell me what you want and I will show you how to get it
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Pauline’s mission is to improve the confidence of individuals by helping them to expand their awareness of what is possible for them to achieve. Therefore, they can live a meaningful, prosperous life, where they can manifest their dreams, goals and enjoy true wealth –– Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

We do this through educational and empowerment programmes to identify the potential and genius which lies within.

Our intention is for each individual to clearly identify their goals, to focus direction to eliminate the boundaries which impede their dreams from coming to reality.  It is time for change.

Success, abundance and freedom are your birthright.

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You have GENIUS inside you, enormous potential and ability and now is the time to uncover it by studying YOU; changing your belief system and habits to live the way you want to live. It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.

Transformational Hypnotherapy


With Hypnotherapy, we access the beliefs you formed many years ago and eradicate them. Through the power of transformational hypnotherapy, we can reframe and disassociate from your current behavior, so you can create new habits which reflect you.


Linda Minto, Words that Care

“When I tell you that this course is nothing short of the best thing that I have ever done and the absolute best investment in myself, I really would not be kidding you.  Because of it, I have had the courage to leave my 3 day a week part-time job and go full time into my own business which I am totally and utterly passionate about.”

Linda Minto
Entrepreneur, Words that Care

“The decision to invest in myself and register for the “Thinking into Results” programme has been the best decision I have undertaken.  I have witnessed a sufficient change both within my business but also within our family life also.  I am now living an authentic life.  Therefore, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and will never stop working with the material in the amazing programme.

Anne McHugh
Business Owner, RTT Hypnotherapist

Aveline O'Sullivan, Bloom in a Box, Ireland

“Thinking into Results was life changing for me.  It made me accountable to the dream inside of me.  I knew I had beliefs that were not serving me,  Pauline helped me to identify those beliefs and change them.  I changed my paradigms and shifted my thinking completely.  Therefore, I gained clarity on my goal setting, reaching for what I really want.  The power of decision and belief is extraordinary.   I would highly recommend this programme if you are serious about changing your life.”

Aveline O’Sullivan
CEO, Bloom in a Box

“Thinking into Results is an amazing program, I love Bob Proctor and the easy way he has of explaining how the mind works and how we can take control and create the life we really want. I am grateful to Pauline for bringing us to the program and gently guiding us through it.”

Tracey Igoe
Entrepreneur, Activation™ Method Life Coach


“I would highly recommend anyone who is honestly looking for rapid transformation in their lives.  Other therapists could not bring me to the place where I could get answers to my 10 year battle with chronic fatigue.”


“Working with Pauline is delightful, enlightening and has brought great clarity into my life.  I highly recommend her services.”

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