Get out of your Comfort Zone | Time to Stop Playing Small

Stop Playing Small….get out of your comfort zone!

Are you too comfortable in your comfort zone? We all find a sense of safety in the familiarity of the parameters of our comfort zone. A feeling of ease in the daily routine. In an unpredictable ever changing world, our comfort zone is a place where we can catch our breath. So why would I be telling you to leave it? The problem with our comfort zones is that we can often become stuck there.

Here’s the thing, the DANGER of a comfort zone is that it doesn’t hurt and it might even feel good!

When we push ourselves outside the norm, outside our usual routine that is when we grow. It is outside of the comfort zone where we learn and stretch ourselves and truly find out what we are capable of!

Of course pushing our boundaries and leaving safety can be a scary thing. We fear we’ll be judged for doing something out of the ordinary. We fear we might fail if we even try. Fear is what stops most people from putting themselves out there and achieving their potential and their dreams.

It’s time to face fear!

If you want success then you have to be willing to grow! In my last blog post we spoke about reaching your full potential with confidence. Now with your new found confidence let’s stop playing small, get out of the comfort zone and strive for bigger and better. It’s time to challenge the inner critic that keeps holding you back and rewire yourself for greatness.

How to break out of your comfort zone

Immerse yourself in a new environment.

New environments bring with them new people, new spaces, new ideas and awaken hidden dreams or desires.  Open yourself up to growing as a person, being more productive and motivated by joining a new group, team or community. Of course there will be less opportunities to do this in person at the moment but I can tell for sure that there are thriving and lively groups and communities growing together and exchanging ideas every day online. My Facebook group is the perfect example of a new environment that has multiple positive effects on all who join. We have women from all backgrounds and of all ages conversing and supporting each other. The group is called Phenomenal Women on a Mission and you can join by clicking here.

Say YES – Agree to something you wouldn’t normally agree to.

Doing things that make us uncomfortable lets us see different sides of ourselves, have new experiences and in turn these experiences inspire. So I challenge you to say YES the next time someone asks you to do something out of the ordinary. It might be to go for a dip in the sea, or to go for a run. There could be an opportunity to speak online in a video or a podcast interview. You may be asked to join a book club or a mastermind group. There are countless opportunities that are served to us everyday. How many opportunities have you said no to, because it would have made you feel uncomfortable? The next time opportunity to grow appears, say YES!

Challenge Yourself

Make a list of small daily challenges you can set yourself to shake up your routine. Studies show that our habits create our results. If you are looking to grow and make improvements in any area of your life, then look at your daily routine and identify the habits that are creating the results you don’t want. Challenge yourself to step out of the comfort of routine. Perhaps you could set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to read, study, exercise or meditate. Choose a new route on your daily walk. Introduce new recipes or food you wouldn’t normally eat into your meals.

By changing your day to day routine you open yourself up to new experiences, new learning, new people. You expand the parameters of your comfort zone.

Leaping out

Often it’s the things we are most afraid of that will give us the best opportunity to grow and become better versions of ourselves. Consider that when that feeling of fear creeps in that it is actually a sign of something you need to face and conquer and not run away from. Embrace the idea that the feeling of fear is actually much worse than the possible negative outcome. What is the worst that could happen? Or better yet what is the best that could happen?

Remember you only have one life and even a small step out of your comfort zone can be the start of something big, because this is only the beginning of your new journey into finding your inner greatness!

I hope today’s blog post ignites a spark of desire that turns into flames of motivation for a better you!

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