Rock your Business - Mindset Bootcamp - Pauline Rohdich Coach and Hypnotherapist

Stop the Struggle

And Rock your Business with Ease!

Do you wish you had more confidence and self-belief?
Are you gripped by fear of failure and indecision?
Are your tired of undervaluing yourself?
Do you feel alone and unsupported in your business?
Do you doubt and second guess yourself or your business?
Are you tired of witnessing others around you succeed?

It doesn't have to be this way!


✓ Doing what you love every day and EARNING what you believe you deserve.

✓ Waking up each morning feeling excited & purposeful.

✓ Trusting, having faith in your decisions & KNOWING you are on course.

✓ Having the balance & lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of.

✓ Choosing what you want & seeing it unfold before your eyes.

During this Mindset Bootcamp you will learn to:

🧡 How to set the Right Goals and Make Money Doing What You Love.
🧡 How to Cultivate the Self Image to share Your Message and Prosper.
🧡 The Power of Self-Belief in Leading a Successful Business and Life.
🧡 How to Make Things Happen regardless of Circumstances.
🧡 Remove the Resistance and Become Unstoppable.

Evidence of Magic

Having trained with some of the world’s best teachers in spirituality, human potential and prosperity, I have personal evidence of the magic of living with this ancient wisdom and science-backed philosophies.
It has helped me to overcome disappointments and challenges but MOSTLY it has unblocked me from self-doubt and fear of judgement and allowed me to understand that my contribution to humanity is not only necessary but worthy.
Success Mentor, Ireland

What women say about my events...

“Pauline’s Masterclass is a golden opportunity to reevaluate your own life and evaluate what is holding you back … your beliefs and programming . Pauline is truly very inspirational and her passion is helping people reach their true potential. So it is a wake up call to make the most of your life now and to be your own best self.”


I attended Pauline’s Masterclass in March 2021 & found it to be truly insightful, empowering & WOW!   She certainly oozed enthusiasm on her deliverance & vast knowledge on how to “set one’s mind” ….

Thank you Pauline, as you’re truly an inspiring Lady who has helped me to re-focus. I highly recommend these Masterclasses & more to everyone!


“I joined Pauline’s Masterclass as I was stuck in rut, while I was sceptical about it, I thought what have I to lose. I can now say it has given me an awakening of just how powerful I can be. I would highly recommend it. Pauline is an amazing coach!”


“Pauline’s online events are a once in a lifetime experience. There are lots of people out there, doing lots of work to help us with our self development, however Pauline is pretty special. Her unique blend of life experience, deep self-development and her spiritual soul, gives her the ability to make you stop the hamster wheel, get off and look deep within your own soul, in a way that scares you, but also sets you free. Through her beautiful warm and inviting manner, she will guide you to ask the questions you are too afraid to do on your own, or don’t know how to! She helps you stop, listen to your deep voice within, and allow you to nurture feelings, emotions and thoughts in a way that is quite impossible in today’s noisy world. You will experience the kickstart needed to set change in motion. A new way of looking at yourself, a new way of looking at your old routines and habits. And you will realise that the old way is no longer serving you in the way it should. Pauline is Ireland’s answer to Oprah. In fact, Pauline is more than Oprah. She is Deepak Chopra, Oprah and beautiful Pauline all wrapped into one.”


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