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Where Will You Be Five Years From Now?

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

– Jim Rohn

Discover how to set and achieve goals that stretch you, so you can have the things you want…all of them! Learn the Simple Manifestation Process and make Quantum Leaps in your life, earning money that matches your dreams, using your gifts and talents while making a difference and enjoying your success.

14 Powerful Consecutive Days of Interactive Training with Pauline Rohdich

- Success Mindset Specialist & Coach to Mission - Driven Female Entrepreneurs

Pauline will be walking you through the first lesson from the Thinking into Results Personal Development Programme with added extras as you see below.

This immersion into the Creative Manifestation Process so you can Live With Intent, will set you up for Success in the following ways –

You will:

✓ Gain clarity around your goals

✓ Uncover your true purpose and vision

✓ Identify your limiting beliefs and paradigms

✓ Understand how your mind works

✓ Create a self-Image that supports your dreams

✓ Cultivate the confidence that makes you unstoppable

✓ Visualise what you want so you can manifest it faster

✓ Learn how to make committed decisions

✓ Get clear as to how to avoid self-sabotage

✓ Develop a bullet proof attitude

✓ Allow yourself to dream bigger

✓ Plus more …

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Work With Me

✓ Have you struggled to set goals and stick to them in the past?

✓ Are you tired of going around in circles and going nowhere fast?

✓ Do you constantly doubt yourself and your ability?

✓ Do the need to know HOW you can do it stop you every time?

Are You Ready To
Live With Intent?

14 Days to Nail Your Goals for Ultimate Success…Starts Thursday September 9th - 22nd

Thinking Into Results

At the end of the 14 days you will have the opportunity to continue with your success journey by  joining the full 24 week Thinking into Results life-changing programme. Your €500 investment in this programme will be applies to the full payment.

Linda Minto, Words that Care

“When I tell you that this course is nothing short of the best thing that I have ever done and the absolute best investment in myself, I really would not be kidding you.  Because of it, I have had the courage to leave my 3 day a week part-time job and go full time into my own business which I am totally and utterly passionate about.”

Linda Minto
Entrepreneur, Words that Care

Aveline O'Sullivan, Bloom in a Box, Ireland

“Thinking into Results was life changing for me.  It made me accountable to the dream inside of me.  I knew I had beliefs that were not serving me,  Pauline helped me to identify those beliefs and change them.  I changed my paradigms and shifted my thinking completely.  Therefore, I gained clarity on my goal setting, reaching for what I really want.  The power of decision and belief is extraordinary.   I would highly recommend this programme if you are serious about changing your life.”

Aveline O’Sullivan
CEO, Bloom in a Box

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