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Is this a friendly Universe?

“I think the most important question facing humanity is, is the universe a friendly place?”
– Albert Einstein

You could be forgiven for saying a big fat ‘NO’ to that question given the times we are in and think Einstein who gave us a definition for insanity was perhaps himself insane to suggest such a thing.

However, despite the current state of affairs around our world, I do believe in this principle, The Law of Universal Support and choose to look for the good even when things seem unfair and uncertain.

Research suggests that belief in a supportive, benevolent universe has a positive impact on our health.  Gail Ironson PhD and a professor of psychology and psychiatry, found that people with HIV who believed in a universal power that was loving maintained their health longer than those who did not.

This is a choice these patients made and is available to each one of us.  It’s an attitude which allows them to think, feel and act in a manner that elevates them and holds them in a positive vibration.

It’s very easy to believe in this concept when things are going well, when our needs are being met and life is running smoothly and where there is some degree of ignorance of our true identity.  However, it’s a whole different ballgame if our identity and sense of self is determined by our possessions, titles and other symbols for security.

Being a teacher of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for more than twelve years, I was always fascinated by another universal principle, The Law of Detachment which encourages us to embrace uncertainty and to recognise that the search for security is an illusion.  It reminds us that we can have goals and dreams, but we mustn’t be attached to the result or the outcome.

When we can understand who we are at our core, Spiritual Beings, with infinite potential and ability to evolve and grow in awareness, we can begin to see the opportunity within every challenge and set back and consider that just maybe, this great mystery that is the universe is actually conspiring to support me.

Being willing to see the tougher times as a gift requires a shift in mindset for sure but in so doing, what you are actually doing is opening up your creative power and stepping out into the unknown or as Deepak Chopra says, “the field of all possibilities, ever fresh, ever new and always open to the creation of new manifestations.”

When we try to hold on desperately in keeping things ‘just the way they are’ we become victims and prisoners to our past and it once again displays our ignorance of yet another universal principle, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  The truth is that nothing stays the same forever, everything is evolving and the past cannot be relived except in our mind where we continue to torment ourselves with our stale, expired memories.

I’d like to leave you with this idea, what if your personal challenge right now is a wake-up call, inviting you to look deeper at what is your life assignment, what if it’s making you move and consider other options, new ways, better ways to earn a living or contribute to society.  Maybe it’s the nudge you needed to really show up and honour your gifts and talents and serve them up with passion and purpose.

The best way I know to get the answers to these questions and conundrums is to hit the pause button and go within.  Meditation and dialoguing with my soul, God, or the universe, yes we’re back full circle now to the notion that the universe has got our back and is indeed on our side and something we can talk to.

Wherever you are on this life journey, I wish you love and the freedom to be who you truly are.  It’s time to embrace uncertainty and tap into your authentic, creative spirit and trust the outcome will be favourable for you.

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