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The Power of the Pause

Last week there was an uneasy feeling in the air. Did you notice it? That you had an off day? I know I did and I was contacted by multiple people, between clients, friends and family who were all feeling the same way. So if you found yourself feeling down, or agitated or maybe overwhelmed … Read more

Is this a friendly Universe?

“I think the most important question facing humanity is, is the universe a friendly place?” – Albert Einstein You could be forgiven for saying a big fat ‘NO’ to that question given the times we are in and think Einstein who gave us a definition for insanity was perhaps himself insane to suggest such a … Read more

A Happiness Mindset No Matter What

Why do we do what we do and want what we want?  It’s simple, we believe it will make us happy.  It has been said that happiness is the goal of all goals.  I believe our desire for more comes from the invisible part of us, our spirit, seeking to express itself through us.  However, … Read more

The Law of Attraction is Alive and Well even in a Pandemic

The Law of Attraction is Alive and Well even in a Pandemic Whether you believe in it or not the law of attraction exists in the same way the law of pure potentiality does and numerous other laws often referred to as spiritual laws.  Yes that’s right, the laws of the universe are operating 24/7 … Read more

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