Pauline Rohdich is a Global Transformational Mentor and Hypnotherapist.
Meet Pauline Rohdich Mentor and Hypotherapist

Pauline Rohdich Success Mentor, Coach

Pauline Rohdich is a Success Mindset Coach, helping clients to achieve their own personal life’s ambitions.

With more than two decades as a spiritual practitioner and mind-body-spirit teacher, Pauline is steeped in the art – and science! – of how spiritual truths and success principles are meant to be intricately woven together.

For years, Pauline Rohdich thrived in spiritually-based businesses of her own making.

Initially a policewoman who decided she was more interested in helping people out of their repeated dead-end thought-and-action cycles, Pauline became a certified Reiki master and opened a holistic healing center as a Chopra Center yoga and meditation teacher. She later created another successful enterprise in Rapid Transformational Therapy after training and being certified as a clinical hypnotherapist with Marisa Peer.

Pauline then found her way to the rich teachings of Bob Proctor’s success-minded spirituality.

“Finally, the entire puzzle of effortless success and abundance came together.”

She freely admits that she once viewed her multiple career changes as a personality flaw, but with over thirty years of self-development and inner work, she knows what Steve Jobs meant when he said –– “You can’t connect the dots looking forward;  you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.”

Now a certified Consultant in Bob Proctor’s company, Pauline Rohdich works with a global audience of clients, moving them past hidden beliefs and tangled objections.

As you get to know Pauline, you’ll quickly discover that her first priority lies in personally helping you recognize and shift out of destructive, non-serving paradigms and beliefs so that you can create true success from the “spiritual realm” … a realm of possibility already existing in you.

What is it YOU want?

  • Great wealth building?
  • A perfect career track in a venture or position you love?
  • No more worry?
  • Improved health?
  • Peaceful and supportive relationships?
  • Ultimate life fulfillment?

Pauline understands and believes that we are each born with a purpose and our main purpose is to BECOME the best version of ourselves.

“True success lies in connecting with your authentic self and
embracing all of who you are and sharing that with the world.” 

Being in alignment with who you are and what you are here to do is the foundation for building a successful business and earning what you deserve.

She has helped hundreds of clients overcome fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs which sabotage their success. Pauline has run nationwide retreats, seminars, workshops and coaching programmes; drawing from her own life experiences combined with expert teachings, she is helping others to Rise Up –– Be Seen and Heard.

There is another way to see yourself.

Don’t allow your doubts to limit you — doubt your limits and rise.

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