Thinking into Results with Pauline Rohdich - Pauline Rohdich Coach and Hypnotherapist

✓ Are you holding yourself back from reaching your full potential?

✓ Do you recognise a pattern of procrastination?

✓ Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

✓ Do you have goals but you are not reaching them?

✓ Are you allowing fear of failure prevent you from doing what you are passionate about?

✓ Are you afraid to make a decision to change something in your life?

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It doesn’t have to be this way. I KNOW because I’ve been there before and I have helped MANY clients overcome this and find SUCCESS!

I used to be where you are now, but thanks to Thinking into Results and world renowned leader Bob Proctor, I turned my life around and changed everything!

Only four years ago I found myself, on the other side of the world, summoning up the courage to admit defeat and move back home to Ireland, in debt and try to rebuild our life.

Now, I can happily say I am debt free and running a successful business with multiple streams of income.

Not only am I running a successful business but I can also say that I am living my Life’s Purpose. I am at peace knowing that I am doing the work I am supposed to be doing, I am fulfilled knowing that I am using my natural born talents to help phenomenal women come out of hiding and follow THEIR purpose in life.

Bob Proctor, Success, Success Mentor, Life Coach, Pauline Rohdich, Achieve, Goals

You can do this too, it’s your turn to stop playing small and show up for yourself in a big way and do what you’ve always dreamed of. You can live your life’s purpose AND earn the money you need to live a luxurious life while helping others.

Introducing Thinking into Results

Where could you be 6 months from now?

Proven Results

✓ Raise your confidence
Develop self belief and eliminate self doubt by building a new self image.

✓ Develop new habits 
Learn the benefits of repetition and daily rituals to change behaviour patterns.

✓ Ignite your passion
Stir up that burning desire for what you really want AND GO FOR IT!

✓ Stretch beyond your comfort zone
Learn and grow everyday, go beyond what you currently think you can achieve.

✓ Unlock your potential
Uncover you limitless talents and gifts.

✓ Hit your targets
Learn to focus, commit and be disciplined and achieve your goals.

✓ Take a quantum leap
Level up you personal and business life.

✓ Fulfil your purpose
Live with passion doing what you were born to do.

Bob Proctor, Success, Success Mentor, Life Coach, Pauline Rohdich, Achieve, Goals

What's Included in the Thinking Into Results Mentorship

with Pauline Rohdich

Lifetime Access to the Thinking Into Results Programme

  • Your own participants guidebook.
  • Access to the digital printable guidebook, worksheets, articles and accountability checklists.
  • Video and MP3 lessons delivered by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

Live Group Mentoring Sessions

  • A choice of 2 weekly time slots that suits your schedule best.
  • TIR Lesson delivered each week.
  • Live Q&A and coaching.

Online Community Access

  • Access to a private community of like minded individuals .
  • Focused environment.
  • Community support and engagement.

Weekday Morning Success Call

  • 6am – 7am Monday – Friday
  • Exercises to set you up for a productive day.
  • Meditation, Visualisation, Gratitude.
  • Set time to review lessons, worksheets, and articles.


  • Weekly mastermind sessions with your own inner circle.
  • United minds solving problems and answering questions.


  • Show up for yourself and be accountable to me your coach and mentor but also to the wider community.

It’s my mission to help women live a meaningful, prosperous life, where they can manifest their dreams, goals and enjoy true wealth –– Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

If you continue to live the way you live now….where will you be in 6 months time?

Linda Minto, Words that Care

“When I tell you that this course is nothing short of the best thing that I have ever done and the absolute best investment in myself, I really would not be kidding you.  Because of it, I have had the courage to leave my 3 day a week part-time job and go full time into my own business which I am totally and utterly passionate about.”

Linda Minto
Entrepreneur, Words that Care

Aveline O'Sullivan, Bloom in a Box, Ireland

“Thinking into Results was life changing for me.  It made me accountable to the dream inside of me.  I knew I had beliefs that were not serving me,  Pauline helped me to identify those beliefs and change them.  I changed my paradigms and shifted my thinking completely.  Therefore, I gained clarity on my goal setting, reaching for what I really want.  The power of decision and belief is extraordinary.   I would highly recommend this programme if you are serious about changing your life.”

Aveline O’Sullivan
CEO, Bloom in a Box

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